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Sweeping legal changes in October of 2018 means that Canadians can now legally own, use and produce small amounts of cannabis - this has created a need for professional cannabis odour removal services to maintain good air quality and a healthy environment for homeowners. Depending on your province, you may be allowed to grow several of your own cannabis plants in the home but it is important for both homeowners and home purchasers to be aware of the effects of growing and the solutions available when air quality is reduced.

Cannabis Odour Removal Services are Necessary if you Own Plants

Now that cannabis is legal, many Canadians are flirting with the idea of producing their own supply. Most provinces limit the amount of plants you can produce in your home and there are plenty of kits that have come to the consumer market that provide all the necessary equipment to start growing your own plants. The problem with cannabis is that it is a very demanding plant that needs a large amount of moisture to grow properly. This makes cannabis plants a very powerful humidity making machine and excess humidity in homes creates a prime situation for mold growth. The raw cannabis plant carries a strong odour which varies depending on the strain and can be absorbed into walls, carpeting and any localized fabrics and upholstery. Commercial cannabis growers utilize high tech and powerful air cleaning equipment to maintain air quality. Producing cannabis in your home without proper air cleaning equipment may greatly reduce air quality and negatively affect the wellbeing of everyone living under your roof. Homeowners who partake in growing legal cannabis can also expect larger electricity bills as the plants require at least 12 hours of daylight to properly flower. Strong and lingering odours from cannabis plants may also detract from the saleability of your home in the future.

Experienced growers have described odours ranging from lemons to rotten shoes depending on the species of plant grown and as a homeowner, you need to ask yourself if you can live with the day to day demands of growing your own plants. Industry experts suggest that growing your own will not necessarily save money and may actually create more costs for you in terms of repairs and odour removal services.

Growing Healthy Cannabis Plants Requires a Specific Environment

Changes to federal and provincial laws means you can now grow a small number of cannabis plants for your own recreational use. Any professional grower will tell you that growing cannabis is a labor of love and the plants can be very demanding during the growth and flowering cycle. One major hurdle for proper plant growth and yield is air quality. Commercial growers invest in high tech air cleaning equipment to protect crops and maintain output. You may not be able to afford a commercial strength air cleaning system but it is common knowledge that air quality in most residential homes can be low quality and this will greatly affect the end result of your planting. We can analyze air quality and provide solutions for optimizing the air for cannabis growth. We can also provide cannabis odour removal services when you’re finished growing plants.

Strategies for Living with Cannabis Plants

Cannabis plants are needy but they don’t have to take over your life. Proper planning and using tried and true methods will help living with them that much easier.

Maintain the humidity and temperature levels in the home - Cannabis plants need just the right amount of light, heat and moisture to produce decent results and growing cannabis is not a ‘set it and forget it’ type of operation. Constant and frequent temperature and humidity checks are necessary to ensure proper growth cycles. As the plants get bigger, adjustments to heat and moisture will be necessary to promote flowering.

Ensure proper and unrestricted air circulation - Lighting that is used for indoor plants will create excess heat and increase humidity in the home. Air flow inside the garden is necessary to dispel some of that excess heat and allow moisture to evaporate. Proper air circulation is also required for the growth of the plants themselves and can efficiently move pungent odours through the exhaust system to the outside.

Use materials that easily absorb odours - Cannabis plants will create their most impactful odours and scents during the final few weeks of the growth cycle and can be controlled or managed with things like odour absorbing gels and scented sprays used within the garden. When usings these types of products, it is important to ensure there will be no chemical or ill effects to the plants you worked so hard to grow. Hiring professional cannabis odour removal services will actually remove the odours from your home instead of just masking them with a more pleasant smell.

Install the best air filters - When planning out your cannabis garden, always use top of the line air filters for air cleaning machines or air moving systems. Activated carbon filters provide the best defence against the pungent odours that cannabis plants can create. Make sure you replace filter media much more frequently than what the manufacturer suggests as cannabis odours and airborne particles will be sure to clog up the filters much more quickly.

That Funky Smell Doesn’t Have to be Permanent

Growing and using cannabis is sure to create some strange and new odours in your home. This could be embarrassing as well as reduce the resale value of your home but there are ways to remove and control existing cannabis odours.

Sprayable air fresheners can do the trick in light duty applications but be aware, most off the shelf deodorizers only mask odours and don’t actually remove them. Opt for pricer brands that implicitly say they ‘remove’ or ‘destroy’ odours instead of just adding more scents into the air.

Regular marijuana users may consume cannabis via pipes, bongs or vaporizers that use glass or metal in their construction. Keeping the tools of the trade clean on a regular basis will help control the strong odours emitted from residue buildup on these surfaces. Rubbing alcohol or tool specific cleaners are the best way at keeping ‘your equipment’ and the air around them in tip top shape.

Smoke filters or ‘smoke catchers’ are portable chambers that are held up to your face when you are ready to exhale. These may be awkward to use at first but drastically reduces the unique smoke smell that weed produces.

A secure and smell-proof container is another great way to control the strong odours of cut and dried cannabis. The popular plastic baggy actually absorbs the odour and passes it to the other side of the plastic as well as reduces the quality of the material itself. Containers designed specifically for marijuana provide air tight seals that prevent odours from escaping and air from entering and ruining it.

An oscillating air cleaner with a HEPA filter is a must for any cannabis hobbyist. Room size units are perfect for your own chill lounge whereas a central unit in your home can do an amazing job of exchanging air much more frequently.

The legalization of cannabis has opened up a whole new product category in terms of ‘accessories’ but professional cannabis odour removal services is your best bet to restore air quality in your home.

Cannabis Odour Removal Services by an Experienced Professional is the Best Solution

Most homeowners would agree that the biggest problem with legal cannabis is the many different smells that are produced from growing, using and storing marijuana. Professional air quality specialists have the latest training, equipment and products to effectively remove all strange odours from your home. Air quality experts, like InchByInch can fully test the quality of your home’s air and offer the best solutions to improve air quality, remove cannabis odours and ensure healthy cannabis plants in your home. InchByInch has extensive residential air management experience and will be able to detect and neutralize any sources of foul smells. High quality air is also essential for the growth of cannabis plants and knowing the quality of your home’s will save you a lot of money and frustration down the road. Restoring your home’s air quality and your quality of life is easy with InchByInch.

Be Prepared for the Cannabis Revolution

Growing and using cannabis is something many Canadians are considering but there are lifestyle changing elements to consider. InchByInch has extensive residential air quality management experience and is your trusted partner in initial air quality testing and post crop cannabis odour removal services. Contact InchByInch today for a detailed air quality assessment and solutions to improve your home’s air quality while living with your very own cannabis plants. Contact us at 888-445-0737 or visit odour removal services toronto for additional information.

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