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Mold contamination, particularly in a residential home, can be a challenge for homeowners. It’s a stressful process that begins with discovery and concludes with removal. And with mold, a newly built home can be just as vulnerable as an old home. Whatever the situation, mold contamination should be handled professionally, and any attempt at a DIY solution should be prevented. For homeowners who require mold testing in Toronto, Inch-by-Inch Inspections offers a comprehensive service approach, with quick turnaround time, and effective results.

Mold testing provides the best assessment of contamination

black mold wall removal toronto girl stressed For mold testing in Toronto, Inch-by-Inch Inspections provides homeowners (and businesses) with impartial testing and reporting. With this approach, clients can understand the source and scope of a mold issue, and can make astute decisions about remediation options.

Whatever the source and scope, Inch-by-Inch Inspections also identifies any potential health risks, particularly with mold contamination. In fact, mold is often tricky to find – it can hide in various places, where simple visible inspection may not be able to isolate the source.

Inch-by-Inch Inspections provides trained, certified technicians. They inspect, assess, and test for mold, making every effort to get to the root of the issue. The objective, of course, is to prevent the spread of mold, and therefore to prevent any additional future damage.

Technicians at Inch-by-Inch Inspections operate according to industry standards, and employ protocols that ensure the safety and well being of occupants. From mold testing, to removal, to restoration, it’s a professional, methodical approach to mold management.

Mold testing from the professionals at Inch-by-Inch Inspections

The professionals at Inch-by-Inch Inspections begin their work with a thorough inspection of a property, and with emphasis on evidence of mold. Depending on the circumstances, testing of various types will take place (checking for mold spores, air pollutants, and even humidity). At this point it’s important to establish whether there is any danger or hazard to occupants.

Inch-by-Inch Inspections uses high-tech equipment to provide accurate inspection and testing data. Homeowner reports are detailed and far-reaching. Using a Neutral Reporting approach, every homeowner can make personal decisions about action going forward. Here, Inch-by-Inch Inspections can recommend some viable options for removal, cleanup, and restoration.

When it comes to mold testing in Toronto, the professional approach is the right approach. It’s work that must be done right from the start, and not really appropriate for over-the-counter solutions that may be available at the local home improvement centre. And because mold can pose health risks, self-management is not recommended – it’s just not the time for shortcuts.

With Inch-by-Inch Inspections, homeowners and business owners can rest assured that they are in good hands. The company subscribes to the most comprehensive Standards of Practice, and follows the Code of Ethics as prescribed by InterNACHI (The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) and IICRC. Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.  To arrange for a home inspection and a FREE price quotation, call Inch-by-Inch Inspections directly at 416-826-7172. For additional information about services provided (residential or commercial) visit the website at

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