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Unchecked mold is a homeowner’s worst nightmare

Homeowners face many challenges when maintaining their properties but there is one problem that is possibly the most dreaded by owners and that is the realization that there is mold in the residence. Mold needs very little to fester and grow. Even a slight increase in humidity can create an ideal breeding ground for the nasty fungus and can quickly spread if left unchecked. GTA homeowners who suspect mold or have confirmed the presence of the fungus should immediately consider mold removal in Toronto to correct the issue and bring the home back to a healthy standard.

Mold can slowly take over the home

Mold is a versatile organism and can thrive on most surfaces. Increased moisture and humidity are the root causes of mold, and most dark and inaccessible areas of the home are usual hotspots for fungus development. Appearing as black smears or green or beige bubbling, mold can be found in the following areas in the home:black mold removal wall toronto home woman stressed

In addition to the unsightly appearance, mold will create a musty and stale odor in nearby areas and local owners should hire a professional mold inspector to perform complete mold removal in Toronto as soon as possible.

The hidden health dangers of mold

Mold removal in Toronto homes is the key to improving the quality of life within the residence. In addition to its unsightly appearance, musty odor and destructiveness, mold has adverse health effects for residents that continually breathe in contaminated air. Mold naturally releases bacteria and mold spores into the local air stream and exposure could lead to a host of health problems including respiratory issues, headaches, fatigue, and skin irritation. Once mold is removed by a professional, air quality will improve directly enhancing the quality of life in the home.

Mold removal in Toronto is a job for the experts

Property owners who suspect mold within the home should contact an expert that understands the finer details of how mold works. Professionals with residential experience will be able to test for mold with the latest equipment and can quickly identify locations and growth areas in even the most inaccessible spaces within the home. Mold removal experts utilize the most effective detergents and chemicals to thoroughly eradicate mold from the entire home. In Toronto, the professionals at InchByInch goes even further by utilizing chemicals that are friendly on the environment yet have the strength to do the job to the highest standards.

The best provider for mold removal in Toronto

The presence of mold is a serious issue for property owners and the process of testing and removal of the fungus should be handled by experienced professionals such as Inch By Inch. Their team of experts understand the stressful nature of this type of project and are committed to providing excellent service and thorough results. Clients can expect Inch By Inch to deliver:

Inch By Inch Inspections has extensive experience in all types of mold removal and is committed to offering  clients the best possible value for their money.

Services for expert mold removal in Toronto

Inch by Inch is the best provider to offer complete mold testing and removal services:

Indoor air quality testing in Toronto

The first step to detect the presence of unhealthy mold at the property is a thorough air quality test. Mold is a living organism that releases airborne spores which reduce the quality of the air in the residence or building. Inch By Inch uses the latest technology to detect impurities and toxins in the local air and will provide a detailed assessment on the quality of the air.

Mold inspections in Toronto

Owners who suspect the presence of mold should immediately arrange for a mold inspection by experts who understand the problem. Inch By Inch takes the time to ask the right questions to determine if there is a mold problem and will thoroughly inspect affected areas and any potential spaces that are ideal for mold development. Owners can rest assured that if there is mold on the premises, the experts at Inch By Inch will find it.

Mold removal in Toronto

If mold is present, the next critical step is locating and removing the organisms from all surfaces. Specialized equipment and commercial strength cleaners are necessary to fully eradicate mold from various types of surfaces. The crews at Inch By Inch have worked in all types of mold removal situations and have the necessary safety equipment and removal tools to ensure a mold free environment and better air quality within the property.

Asbestos testing in Toronto

Older homes and commercial properties may still have toxic asbestos material in the walls and prolonged exposure can cause serious health effects to the occupants. Inch By Inch uses the latest air sampling  technology and can accurately determine if asbestos is present. Owners of older properties should have Inch By Inch perform an air sample check for complete peace of mind.

Inch By Inch is the premier provider for mold removal in Toronto

Mold inspections and removal are jobs that should only be trusted to  professionals with years of experience. Inch By Inch has decades of expertise working in both residential and commercial mold removal in Toronto. Clients can count on Inch By Inch for complete eradication of the fungus and 100% satisfaction in the process and end result. Contact Inch By Inch for a free mold removal inspection and peace of mind. 

Inch by Inch has the experience and tools for professional mold removal in Toronto

When it comes to the best possible mold removal job, homeowners can rely on the experts at InchByInch for a complete testing and eradication of the unhealthy fungus. Mold is a fast-moving organism and owners should defer the job to experienced professionals that understand residential mold removal in Toronto. InchByInch can provide a unique quote for mold removal on most types of properties. 

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