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Regardless of the age of your home, moisture and humidity can infiltrate into your walls, basement, or attic and cause a myriad of problems - like mold growth. While it’s many homeowner’s worst nightmare to discover mold in their homes, booking a mold removal in Oakville is a pain-free process with InchbyInch Inspections.

Keep your home healthy with mold removal services in Oakville

Because the mold growth can affect not only the structure of your home but the health and safety of you and your family, InchbyInch recommends a professional mold removal in Oakville any time that mold is found in the home. Mold prefers to grow in damp, humid environments that have reduced or little natural air flow or ventilation. This makes the attic and basement, as well as behind appliances and underneath cupboards prime locations for mold to grow. These places often make it difficult to spot and impossible for the average homeowner to safely and thoroughly remove on their own.

At InchbyInch, our technicians are highly trained specialists with hours of on the job and in the classroom experience. They’re certified by third-party organizations such as the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) which gives our teams access the the best in contemporary research and best practices when it comes to mold removal in Oakville. This ensures that our remediations are safe, thorough, and that mold, wherever it’s found in your home, is removed for good.

Mold Growth: Why and Where

Three commons problems we find in homes plagued by mold growth are:

Water events, such as a leak or a flood, can quickly add a lot of moisture to the home and can be difficult to predict and dry out. Mold can begin to form within 48 hours of exposure to water, so it’s important to thoroughly dry out your home in the event of a leak or flood.

Water is truly the magic ingredient for mold growth, which is why InchbyInch pays close attention when a homeowner mentions a leak. The key to reducing mold growth is prevention, and whether that’s increasing ventilation, replacing leaky washers on pipes and taps, or assessing your attic for holes and cracks, helping homeowners to sort out the root cause of water infiltration in their homes is a task InchbyInch takes great pride in.

While the attic, basement, laundry room, and bathroom are four locations we often find mold growth in, InchbyInch Inspections teams also pay close attention to:

Materials Mold Can Affect

If you need a mold removal in Oakville, the InchbyInch Inspection teams have you covered -  if there is mold growing in your home, we have an arsenal of tools, training, and knowledge that will ensure its safely and thoroughly removed. Some of the most common materials we perform mold remediations to are:

Different Kinds of Mold

There are hundreds of different types of mold, but there are a handful of strains that prefer to grow in our homes. Mold can come in many different colours, textures, or shapes, and it’s nearly impossible to identify from visuals alone what kind it may be - only a laboratory test can confirm that. Some of the varieties of mold we frequently find growing in Oakville homes are:

The Health Concerns Related to Mold Growth

The reason InchbyInch strongly recommends a mold removal in Oakville whenever mold is found growing in your home is because mold can cause mild to severe health problems in even the healthiest of people. The symptoms of a mold allergy or reaction very closely mimic those of the common cold or flu, which makes it even more difficult to pinpoint as the cause of ill-health. The symptoms of a mold reaction often include:

If anyone in your family has a chronic respiratory disease or condition, the effects of mold exposure may increase the severity of symptoms or attacks - the very young and our elders are also at risk.

How Can an Air Quality Assessment Help?

Mold reproduces by creating spores that travel through the air to create new colonies, making an air quality test an easy and low impact way of identifying potential mold growth and identifying problems with indoor air quality. Depending on the complexity of your air quality assessment, it can give you valuable information about:

An air quality assessment can help us determine the best way forward for your mold removal in Oakville, as well as have a positive effect on your home’s indoor air quality.

A Professional Approach to Mold Inspections

At InchbyInch Inspections, our first step on site is to perform a thorough interior and exterior mold inspection. Many other companies skip the outdoor step, but for our teams, what’s going on outside of your home gives us crucial information about what’s going on inside. Your landscaping, grading, and other geological features can all affect how and where water travels around your home, and can tell us a lot about mold problems on the interior.

After an exterior inspection, the inside of your home can be closely assessed for both visible and hidden mold colonies. Temperature and humidity readings can help us further identify which areas of the home are in danger of mold growth, and can help us create a thorough plan to help remove and prevent future mold issues.

Certified Mold Technicians

All work done by InchbyInch teams comes certified by third party organizations. This gives us objective standards developed by years of worldwide experience and knowledge to work by, and ensures our workmanship follows the most current safety standards and protocols. At InchbyInch we work with both InterNACHI and the Institute of Inspections, Cleaning, and Restoration (IICRC), two organizations we think are a must for any professional mold removal company.

Additionally, all air quality testing is sent out to a third party laboratory, which gives you objective results that will help us design a plan to suit your needs - and proof should you need it for insurance or negotiation purposes.

About InchbyInch

Working with InchbyInch Inspections makes your mold removal a painless experience and ensures long-lasting results. Our teams are highly trained and experienced in mold removal, asbestos testing, home inspections and more, and our wide range of experience with homeowners, landlords, property managers and insurance companies has given us an in-depth understanding of the various needs and workflows of many types of job site.

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If you have any questions about mold removal in Oakville, we’re always happy to give you and in depth explanation of our processes and procedures so that you feel confident working with us.

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