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Moisture and water problems affect nearly every single home across the city at some point, and if you’ve had moisture problems in the last year due to a leak or flood, you may need to inquire about mold removal in Hamilton. It’s often difficult for water that’s made it into your attic or basement to dry fast or thoroughly enough to prevent mold growth - and once it starts growing, mold can quickly cause damage to your home and affect the health of you and your family.

At InchbyInch, we have International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) and the IICRC trained technicians running our mold removal in Hamilton services. This third party training and certification program means our inspectors are knowledgeable in the latest mold removal and remediation research and follow certified health and safety protocols at every stage of remediation.

Mold doesn’t discriminate - it can affect any home at any time. At InchbyInch, we frequently find mold growing in the humid and damp places of homes, and in a city like Hamilton, where there are many older and heritage homes, attics and basements are prime spots for mold growth, especially since they tend to have less air flow. As a result, water problems go undetected for longer periods of time.

The Why and Where of Mold Growth

The two biggest clues that you might have a mold problem or need mold removal in Hamilton are ventilation problems and humidity. Air flow issues mean that stagnant humid air can collect and linger in out of the way areas like the basement or attic. Humidity is added to our indoor environments by everyday activities such as cooking and bathing, and can travel throughout the home, condensing and wetting drywall, wood, textiles and more.

Mold always needs a source of water to grow - so removing sources of humidity and increasing airflow throughout your home can be two of the greatest mold prevention tools. The good news is that mold tends to grow in the same places in your home - we most frequently find it growing in:

Places in Your Home You Can Find Mold

Mold Removal in Hamilton | Inch By Inch Inspections

InchbyInch can remove mold wherever it grows in your home - no job is too big, too small, or too delicate for us to handle. Using a number of different mold removal in Hamilton strategies, we can safely and effectively remove mold from: 

Types of Mold

There are a  number of common household mold strains that we may find:

The Health Risks of Undetected Mold Growth

The reason we recommend mold removal in Hamilton so strongly is that mold growth can and does cause serious health problems for millions of Canadians every year. Because it often grows in out of the way places, it can be difficult to spot and can quickly become a big problem. Mold is a type of fungus that reproduces by releasing a stream of airborne spores into the air. These spores easily settle on the body or are breathed into the respiratory system. Mold in your indoor air quality can cause:

These short-term symptoms can sometimes be difficult to diagnose as a mold allergy, since they mimic many of the symptoms of the common cold and flu. But long term exposure to mold spores can lead to more serious health concerns, and any exposure is often too much for the young, elderly, or those suffering from respiratory illnesses or diseases like asthma.

How an Air Quality Assessment Can Help

One of the lowest impact ways to test for mold growth in your home is by taking indoor air quality samples. InchbyInch inspectors are familiar with the current guidelines and best practices related to air testing, and are here to help you breathe fresh air and find answers to your indoor air quality questions.

An indoor air quality assessment can not only help identify how many spores may be present in your indoor environment (which can help us determine how large any mold contamination is), but which kind of strains are present, any Volatile Organic Compounds, CO2 buildup, or other allergens in the system. This assessment gives us valuable tools for remediation and, most importantly, prevention strategies, allowing us to work with you to find the best solutions for your individual needs.

What a Good Mold Inspection Looks Like

Knowing the difference between good and bad is all a matter of experience and perspective - if it’s the first time you’ve needed to call a mold professional, it’s hard to know what to look for. At InchbyInch, we believe every good inspection needs to have two critical parts: an in-depth exterior inspection, and an indoor visual inspection.

The exterior inspection allows us to look for areas where water is infiltrating the exterior of your building, which may point to areas of concern inside that are hidden behind walls or in hard to reach places. The indoor inspection includes temperature and humidity readings to help further narrow down our search for mold growth in your home.

Mold Testing

All of our air quality assessments and mold tests are performed by a third party laboratory, which provides us with impartial results and reports that help us work towards a remediation plan that suits you. Every InchbyInch mold test follows the Code Of Ethics and Standards of Practice set out by InterNACHI and is also certified by the Institute of Inspections, Cleaning, and Restoration (IICRC), which gives you quality and safety assurances. When it comes to mold removal in Hamilton, the only approach is the professional approach, which guarantees your safety and peace of mind.

About Us

InchbyInch Inspections specializes in home safety, working with mold removal and remediation as well as asbestos testing, home inspections, infrared thermal inspections and more. What this means is that we’ve seen it all - literally. Our extensive experience working with homeowners, landlords, and insurance companies, as well in a wide range of buildings and job sites means that we have the experience and tools to do the job right. Our teams are professional, friendly, and provide modern, high tech services to help you make successful decisions about your home safety.

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