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With Toronto’s overheated real estate market, a pre-purchased home inspection might be overlooked when buying or selling a property. In fact, a comprehensive home inspection is just as valuable when doing conventional home renovations. Whatever the case, Inch-by-Inch Inspections provide home inspection in Toronto, and throughout the GTA – it’s professional, objective, and in-depth.

When arranging for a home inspection in Toronto, property owners can rely on Inch-by-Inch to do it all – from onsite inspection, to comprehensive assessment, to options for remedies/repairs. What’s important is to do it right the first time, and that includes everything from air quality testing to infrared thermal imaging. Once inspection is complete, remedies are recommended.When a home inspection is in-depth and comprehensive, it’s possible to effectively source out the root cause a problem.  When performing a home inspection in Toronto, the team at Inch-by-Inch makes use of high-tech equipment to ensure accurate and reliable data. This approach sets the stage for repairs and retrofits that provide solutions and the best possible return-on-investment.

With Inch-by-Inch, a home inspection in Toronto encompasses the interior and exterior of the entire building structure. Problem areas and performance deficiencies are highlighted, and an objective report is provided. Both inspections and reporting are impartial, and entirely based on data that has been gathered. Buying, selling, or renovating, the reporting results are valuable.

Understanding the Essentials of Home Inspections in Toronto

Across the board, a residential home is likely the most expensive purchase ever. A good home inspection can be valuable for a number of reasons - assessing the home’s overall condition; rectifying any performance issues; indicating electrical problems and detecting mechanical components that are done. In the end, the objective is to expedite retrofits to protect the house and prevent future problems.

When a home inspection has been completed, an all-inclusive report can be quite valuable to the property owner. A good inspector will provide a summary report that is easy to read, easy to understand, and provides an action plan. In short, it means that repairs, remedies, and retrofits will effectively address specific problems, and provide the property owner with viable solutions.

A Home Inspection in Toronto From Inch-by-Inch Inspections

Inch-by-Inch Inspections provides specialized services for both commercial and residential buildings. Professional inspections include everything from air quality testing, to asbestos testing, to mold inspection, to radon testing. Inspectors are honest and ethical, and professional in every aspect of their work. Property owners are assured of accurate, reliable information.

At Inch-by-Inch, inspectors are “InterNACHI Certified” – they follow strict industry guidelines, and abide by an established code of performance. InterNACHI is recognized as the world’s largest professional association for property inspectors. Inch-by-Inch assures customers of confidential service onsite, along with flat rate pricing, and no hidden charges for after hours or holidays.

Inspection reports are thorough, detailed, and comprehensive, and follow-up by telephone or email is at no additional charge. To arrange for a home inspection in Toronto, Brampton, or Mississauga, call Inch-by-Inch Inspections directly at 416-826-7172 or visit the company website at www.inchbyinchinspections.com .

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