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Asbestos Testing Services in Burlington

asbestos testing services burlingtonGet A Certified Asbestos Testing Report. A Burlington Certified Asbestos Testing Report Is The Only Way To Be 100% Sure A Home Or Property Has No Asbestos. 

Importance Of Asbestos Testing In Burlington

Don’t get sick because of poor indoor air quality — let us help! 


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The Importance of Good Air Quality

Improvements to indoor air quality do more than eradicate strange smells and improve indoor comfort. Because oxygen feeds our brain and directly affects our largest organ, the skin, it stands to reason that air quality has a massive effect on our long and short-term health and wellness. 

Improvements to air quality help us:

asbestos testing burlingtonCertified Air Quality Testing in Burlington

Poor air quality is often an invisible foe because problems may be impossible to see, smell, hear, or taste.

Air quality testing in Burlington is a safe and science-based method for assessing the qualities of your indoor environment.

Once you understand what issues are present, small changes to habits or environment can be made that can have a substantial overall effect. 

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Asbestos Testing and Inspection in Burlington

Inch by Inch can do asbestos inspections in Burlington as a stand-alone test or as part of a more comprehensive look at your indoor air environment. But first, it’s essential to know what asbestos is and why you should be concerned about its presence in your home. 

What is Asbestos 

How Asbestos Is Toxic

As products containing asbestos break down, the tiny fibres can become airborne in our homes. Asbestos fibres are easy to breathe in and small enough to lodge deep within the lungs. Over time, they will cause chronic irritation and fibrosis, often making it difficult to get enough oxygen. It’s important to note that materials containing asbestos can be treated to prevent tiny fibres from being released or removed entirely. 

Certified Home Inspection Specialists

Inch by Inch’s safe and effective asbestos removal services include asbestos testing and inspection to determine where and how your home is affected. The key to asbestos removal is not to wait — to learn more about Inch by Inch’s indoor air quality services, get in touch with our team by using our contact page.

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