Asbestos Inspection in Oakville

From the 1930s-1990s, asbestos was widely used in construction projects province wide. If you live in a home built during these decades, it’s imperative to book an asbestos inspection in Oakville with InchbyInch to prevent the creation of harmful asbestos dust created during any renovation or construction projects. Asbestos was used in insulation, flooring, and around ducts and pipes, but in the late 1980s, this ‘miracle mineral’ was finally linked to cancer and chronic respiratory diseases, leading to ongoing bans and reductions in its use around the globe.

Keep your home safe with an asbestos inspection in Oakville

Part of a safe and healthy home environment is indoor air quality untainted by asbestos dust. At InchbyInch Inspections, an asbestos inspection in Oakville can provide you with detailed third party test results before or during home renovations or pre-purchase inspections to give you a clear idea of any asbestos or indoor air quality problems in your home.

Asbestos becomes dangerous once it’s disturbed, such as during renovation, demolition, or from age related wear and tear. Once damaged, the fine particles are easily breathed in and can cause little to no affects for upwards of 40 years, when serious lung disease and cancer can appear. Having an asbestos inspection in Oakville can not only give you peace of mind, but help protect your family against those long-term health issues.

Where are Asbestos Products in Your Home?

The reason behind the ubiquity of asbestos products in the construction industry lies in its fire-resistant and insulating capabilities - along with its cheap price. In its heyday, affordability meant that everything from lampshades to siding was made with asbestos, but thankfully, most of the smaller uses of asbestos haven’t passed the test of time. InchbyInch often locates asbestos in:

Before any renovations or demolitions in these parts of your home, it’s worthwhile to have an asbestos inspection in Oakville to ensure that no asbestos remains present.

The Health Risks of Asbestos Exposure

Scientific research is only catching up to asbestos now because the effects of asbestos don’t appear for 10-40 years after the initial exposure. There are a wide range of cancers and lung diseases that asbestos plays a part in, but exposure seems to particularly effect the lungs and heart, in part because the minute fibres of asbestos are easily lodged in the chest and respiratory system. The two most common asbestos-related diagnoses are:

Asbestosis: This disease is caused when asbestos fibres lodge themselves in a part of the lungs called the alveoli, which are the small sacs of air at the end of your breathing tubes. The lungs, a usually pliable and flexible organ, react to the irritation caused by these fibres and become inflamed, forming scar tissue that restricts air flow and breathing.

Mesothelioma: Like asbestosis, the symptoms of this dangerous cancer include difficulty breathing and chest pain, and more than 80% of diagnoses are directly caused by asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma takes many years to develop and is incurable, with a very poor long-term survival rate.

Taking Steps Towards an Asbestos Assessment

Because of the severe and irreversible consequences associated with asbestos exposure, it’s imperative to have a professional assessment if you suspect there is asbestos in your home. Its biohazardous nature means that InchbyInch Inspections treats asbestos with the utmost concern for your and our safety. Asbestos is not a project for even the most accomplished home renovator, and specialized safety protocols are a must when asbestos is located in your home.

Every InchbyInch asbestos inspection in Oakville begins with a visual assessment that helps us determine any obvious asbestos products and what stage of deterioration they may be in. Specialized tools and air quality tests may also be taken - all of our samples are sent out of house to a third party laboratory to ensure impartiality and to provide proof for insurance or negotiations during a pre-purchase inspection.

If these results come back positive or our visual inspection confirms asbestos presence, the InchbyInch team is happy to work with you to develop an individualized plan for safe and effective removal.

Where is Asbestos Used Today?

Asbestos has been banned for use in construction projects since the 1990s, but while a complete ban is coming later in 2018, asbestos is still found in car parts like brake pad linings and some types of roofing shingles. It’s worth reading the fine print when purchasing or discarding of old materials to ensure that anything with asbestos is disposed of safely.

What Does an Asbestos Removal Look Like?

After a positive asbestos inspection in Oakville, the next step is removal. The first priority of each and every InchbyInch team member is the safety of everyone in your home before, during, and after your asbestos abatement. Our teams are highly trained and work following the code of ethics and standards of practice developed by third party certification organizations such as the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQC) and the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). These organizations give us access to the latest in worldwide research and removal methodologies, as well as providing ongoing training and learning opportunities for our staff.

If any asbestos is found in your home, the location will be clearly marked and thoroughly contained before any demolition begins to help prevent dust from spreading throughout your house - this step may involve up to a day of taping and installing poly walls to ensure complete containment. Any materials that we remove from your home are disposed of according to both municipal and provincial regulations, and your home is thoroughly cleaned and tested before we leave.

About InchbyInch

Asbestos contamination in your home is a serious problem that should be quickly addressed as soon as you become aware of it to keep you and your family healthy and safe. By choosing InchbyInch for your asbestos inspection in Oakville, you can feel confident that every inch of your home will be assessed for potential asbestos contamination and that our safe and thorough abatement plans will help improve your indoor air quality.

Our teams are also trained by the International Association of Home Inspectors, which gives our teams access to research and knowledge from around globe about how asbestos was historically used, enabling us to better identify different products and usages not common in the Canadian market.

Our service area stretches across the GTA, including Oakville, Burlington, and Hamilton. Our professional and friendly teams are happy to give you as much information as you need about our services and what you can expect during an asbestos inspection in Oakville.

Give us a call today for more information about our asbestos inspection services.

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