Air Quality Testing in Scarborough

Air quality issues in the home

One of the more critical issues facing homeowners is the actual air quality inside the property. The air we breathe is so important and can greatly affect the resident’s health and well-being. In some instances, it has been found that the air quality inside the home is much worse than the actual air quality outside. Air quality testing in Scarborough homes will give owners a clear picture of the home’s air quality and will identify any current and potential issues that could affect the air.

Air quality testing in ScarboroughAir quality testing is essential in older homes

Scarborough is a diverse neighbourhood of older existing homes that have been standing for decades. Time and the elements gradually decay the home’s ability to keep pollutants out and maintain fresh air flow inside the home. Components such as insulation and HVAC equipment can break down over time and contribute to lower air quality. In some instances, air quality can be at dangerous levels because of non-working and faulty furnaces and fan boxes. Many homeowners do not realize that municipal codes for venting exhaust from HVAC equipment changes from year to year. Owners should consider air quality testing in Scarborough for a thorough check on the home’s ability to ventilate pollutants.

Buying or selling?

When purchasing a home, buyers usually perform a home inspection to determine the condition of the structure. Those inspections don’t cover the most critical part of the home, the air inside. Before closing a deal, air quality testing in Scarborough homes should be on your pre purchase checklist to see if there are any issues in the home environment. A thorough air quality test can also discover other issues in the home such as broken and faulty insulation and improper ventilation of the hot water tank and furnace box. Sellers who include a home inspection report with the listing should also perform an air quality check to give potential buyers peace of mind.

Air quality can be an issue after renovations

Renovations are sometimes necessary in older properties and improper removal and disposal of material and debris can greatly reduce the quality of the air in the home. A simple job like removing old insulation can release toxic fibers into the home environment if not removed correctly and safely. Dust from broken drywall, kitchen cabinets and flooring can also create an unhealthy scenario for residents. Air quality testing in Scarborough homes should follow up to any major renovation or construction that may affect air quality.

Quality of life in the home depends on the air

Lighting and decor can set the mood inside the home but poor air quality will make life miserable for homeowners and residents. Constantly breathing poor quality air can lead to many different problems such as:

Area homeowners and residents experiencing these types of issues should immediately seek out air quality testing in Scarborough. A thorough air quality report will reveal and pinpoint the cause of poor air quality and will offer solutions to improve air quality.

What kind of air quality issues are there?

The home’s air quality can be affected by a number of factors. Poor air flow from bad insulation can greatly reduce venting and cause a buildup of pollutants inside the walls. Non-functioning insulation can also allow environmental pollutants into the home causing a decrease in air quality. Other air quality issues can be caused by:breathe clean air testing indoor woman green toronto

Older homes can especially be susceptible to these factors and having a professional contractor perform air quality testing in Scarborough will allow homeowners to fully understand what environmental issues the home has.

Inspecting the air inside the home

When issues or symptoms arise indicating an air quality issue, homeowners should turn to a company like InchbyInch for thorough air quality testing in Scarborough. Using the latest technology and testing equipment, samples will be taken from various areas of the home including hotspots such as:

Owners should expect a detailed air assessment and recommendations for solutions to improve quality when the tests are completed.

Trusting a professional for air quality testing in Scarborough

Residents that have lived with bad air will suddenly appreciate the improved quality of life that comes with changing and enhancing the air in the home. Something as important as the internal environment should only be left to trusted professionals that have the residential experience to identify and solve air quality issues in residential homes. InchByInch has been providing excellent testing and solutions for homeowners on a consistent basis and they are known for their top notch air quality testing in Scarborough.

InchByInch is the best choice for maintaining your home’s air quality

InchByInch is the premier provider of air quality testing in Scarborough homes and will create air quality solutions based on the home’s individual needs and challenges. InchByInch has the latest tools, experts and resources at their disposal to ensure that homeowners are receiving the most accurate test results, information and solutions for improving the most important part of the home, breathable air. Contact us for a free air testing quote at 416-826-7172 or toll-free at 1-888-445-0737


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