Air Quality Testing in Etobicoke

Property owners overlook the most important part of the property: Air Quality

Owners of residential and commercial properties in Etobicoke spend time and money to maintain and upgrade their properties but one area that is usually overlooked is the breathable air inside buildings and structures. Living in a home with poor air quality can create a host of quality of life and health issues while bad air in office and business spaces can lead to reduced productivity and profitability and increased labor costs. When it comes to the air we breathe, air quality testing in Etobicoke is the best way to ensure a healthy and safe environment.

Are you experiencing sick building syndrome?

Commercial properties utilize complex engineering to maintain a comfortable and safe environment for tenants. Highly engineered ducting systems, heavy duty HVAC components and expansive designs offer many opportunities for air quality to be reduced. Local buildings with improper airflow suffer from ‘sick building syndrome’ and the following red flags can indicate an immediate need for air quality testing in Etobicoke:

A thorough check will let owners and managers know exactly how the quality of air is affecting their business and can implement solutions to fix the problem.

Causes of bad air in residential homes

Lower quality air in homes is a very serious problem as individuals spend a majority of their time inside their homes. Things like faulty furnaces and hot water tanks, old and non-functioning insulation and obsolete venting systems can contribute to quality of life issues within the residence. Breathing bad air during the day and at night while sleeping can cause:woman breathing clean air green air quality testing etobicoke

Area homeowners and residents that suffer from any out of the ordinary symptoms should immediately seek air quality testing in Etobicoke to pinpoint hazardous air quality issues.

Buyers and sellers both benefit from air quality testing in Etobicoke

Including a thorough air quality test is essential for a complete home inspection. Buyers that purchase an existing home should be made aware of any current and potential issues with the air quality inside the property. Contractors like Inch by Inch will also provide solutions and preventative maintenance to ensure high quality air within the home. Sellers who include a completed air quality test and subsequent repairs and improvements will offer potential buyers peace of mind when considering a purchase.

Inch by Inch provides complete air management testing and solutions

Home and commercial property owners regularly overlook the quality of the air inside buildings and dwellings. Poor quality air can contribute to quality of life issues for residents and productivity and profitability challenges for businesses. Inch by Inch specializes in air quality testing in Etobicoke and is the premier provider with extensive commercial and residential experience in diagnosis and solutions for air quality management. Improving and managing air quality is a must for today’s modern building and structures.  Contact Inch by Inch Inspections at 416-826-7172 or toll-free at 1-888-445-0737 for an air quality test in Etobicoke and start breathing in clear air.

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